Weird is not a label, it’s a lifestyle.
Weird is not a label, it’s a lifestyle.
Weird is not a label, it’s a lifestyle.
Join the collective weirdness of humaning.

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Weird Girl Adventures

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Weird Girl Adventures

    A funny, zany collection of life experiences as told through the eyes of Weird girl.

Weird Girl Adventures

    A growing collection of appearances and downright weird videos.

Weird Girl Adventures

    A world where Judy Blume meets Sex in The City.
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About Shelley Brown

Hi. I’m Shelley Brown. And, I am a weird girl.

Weird Girl Adventures is about coming back to possibilities.

It’s a movement.
A philosophy.
A belief.

Weird Girl Adventures is a way of being that allows us to become fully ourselves without compromise. I invite you to join me in a place where we allow our weird without qualifying.

When we allow our weird, we begin to realize how it can serve us—and even better yet—serve others.

Who am I?

I am an ultra-marathon runner who suffered a devastating injury, and found myself at the center of the ever-expanding circle of kumbaya, selfcare, self-love, kindness and compassion. Discovering that the core of who we are in connection to ourselves (and to others) is our own inner weird, I remind people everywhere that weird doesn’t ask for a qualifier, it doesn’t ask to be embraced, amplified or even loved—it just asks for our permission to allow it.

I show people that when they allow their own uniqueness and inner weird, acceptance and self-love can't help but happen.


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the weirdness of humaning